Why staffrooms are important in school?

Staffroom is the place where teachers spend most of their non-teaching time.That makes it important for the functionality of teachers. The West Australian School, situated in Australia, has recently upgraded the staffroom space. The facility which has been same since 1980s, and now it has got high tables, a mobile kitchen bench, and a collaborative… Read More »

Can kids engage with learning from the No-School movement?

An Australian researcher Dr. Thomas Stehlik has reported in his latest paper that alternative approach or the “not-school” movement can bring better learning outcomes for students struggling in traditional school. The not-school movement considers all the educational programs that take place outside the school environment –ranging from art activities to relaxed styles of home schooling.… Read More »

The cost of not educating girls is USD 15-30 trillion

There are countries in the world where girls don’t receive school education which costs the global economy USD 15 to 30 trillion. Only 66 percent of girls in the low-income countries are able to complete primary school. One in three girls completes their lower secondary school education. The loss incurred in human capital wealth because… Read More »

Homeschooling is gaining traction in American culture

Normal schooling is not meant for everyone. For some people, homeschooling is a better option. Earlier the concept of homeschooling was unique but it’s no more that uncommon. Rather, it is becoming people’s choice at a rate like never before. But people have doubts; they think that homeschoolers have poor communication. People misunderstand the nature… Read More »

The choice between Home-School and Private School

The local school presents many advantages to the local residents. The proximity to school makes it convenient to drop off your kids. Maybe the school is just at a walking distance. But the convenience offered by this school cannot trump even one thing. What if the school under-performs? Now, the big question that pops up… Read More »

How do Schools Measure Success?

Tri-County Educational Center (TCEC) is an alternative school for Metro Detroit, serving young people who have either dropped out or been expelled from other school districts. DFS teaching artist Nate Mullen worked with classroom teachers Adelaide Fabiilli and Brooke Leiberman and 9th through 12th grade graphic design students to create a “data mural”, which used… Read More »

How to be a Boggs School student?

At the James and Grace Lee Boggs school, DFS teaching artist Alicia López Castañeda worked with classroom teacher Liz Kirk and the “Painted Turtles,” a mixed 2nd-3rd grade class. They spent the first semester shaping the classroom culture around the DFS Rida framework, exploring the DFS “11 essential skills” and digital media such as photography… Read More »

Rida Institute 2016: What Humanizing Schooling Means to Us

In early August, we convened 20 educators from Metro Detroit to kick off the 2016 Rida Institute at our three-day summer retreat. The Rida Institute is a year-long training for educators with a focus on critical pedagogy. At the summer retreat, we spent three days exploring and experiencing what “humanizing schooling” means to us as… Read More »