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Homeschooling is gaining traction in American culture

Normal schooling is not meant for everyone. For some people, homeschooling is a better option. Earlier the concept of homeschooling was unique but it’s no more that uncommon. Rather, it is becoming people’s choice at a rate like never before. But people have doubts; they think that homeschoolers have poor communication. People misunderstand the nature… Read More »

Rida Institute 2016: What Humanizing Schooling Means to Us

In early August, we convened 20 educators from Metro Detroit to kick off the 2016 Rida Institute at our three-day summer retreat. The Rida Institute is a year-long training for educators with a focus on critical pedagogy. At the summer retreat, we spent three days exploring and experiencing what “humanizing schooling” means to us as… Read More »

Apply to be a youth Media Maker with DFS!

DFS is launching our second Out of School Project in May 2017. The OSP Summer Workshop will take place from May – August 2017, and is led by DFS youth researchers Alondra Castañeda, Wayne Bussey II and Issra Killawi. Check out the info and application below: WHAT As part of furthering our work to humanize… Read More »