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Detroit Future Schools is hiring


Detroit Future Schools is seeking experienced, visionary applicants for two roles for the 2014-2015 school year: Program Coordinator and Artist-in-residence of Detroit Future Schools’ In-school Program. Detroit Future Schools is a digital media arts-integration program committed to humanizing schooling. We partner artists-in-residence with K-12 classrooms in the Metro Detroit area for a full school year, during

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DFS Classroom Visit: “Thinking about your thinking!”


“Thinking about your thinking!” This is what the 5th graders in Allie Gross’s Detroit Future Schools classroom at Plymouth Educational Center yell back in unison, in response to the question, “What does metacognition mean?” This is not because the definition has been drilled into them through rote memorization.  Rather, it is because Allie has built a strong

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DFS Classroom Visit: Using Drama to Build Critical Consciousness


One of Detroit Future Schools‘ 11 Essential Traits of Mind, Habit and Character is “critical consciousness.” We define critical consciousness as a process of “questioning established systems, practices, hierarchies, processes and histories, both macro and micro.” We work to foster this trait in all DFS program participants, including: teachers, students, artists and program coordinators. As part of the

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Become a Detroit Future Schools Teacher!


We are excited to invite all teachers to apply for one of the most transformative and effective professional development opportunities of a lifetime. Detroit Future Schools (DFS) needs innovative, passionate, committed teachers toapply. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The first round of applications will be reviewed in April 2013. This is an open

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DFS Classroom Visit: So Curious I Can’t Control Myself!


Every week, Detroit Future Schools (DFS) artist-in-residence Joe Rodriguez-Tanner works with the students at Amelia Earhart in Southwest Detroit, integrating digital media arts into their core content.  He works in close partnership with their teacher, Anna Marschalk-Burns (known to the students as Ms. MB) who is committed to fostering in her students the DFS “11 Essential Traits

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