Homeschooling is gaining traction in American culture

By | July 8, 2018

Normal schooling is not meant for everyone. For some people, homeschooling is a better option. Earlier the concept of homeschooling was unique but it’s no more that uncommon. Rather, it is becoming people’s choice at a rate like never before.

But people have doubts; they think that homeschoolers have poor communication. People misunderstand the nature of homeschooling education. They worry if homeschoolers won’t be able to adapt in college. But these stigmas have disappeared and polls show that homeschooling is getting trendy once again.

Of course, homeschooling is also not meant for everyone. Here are some reasons why you should opt for homeschooling.

Extra time for family

Normal students going to school have a strict schedule. From the pressure of catching the bus on time, then the never ending full day of classes, after-care, sports practice, and homework. They are always stressed out and over-scheduled. Many kids spend more time at school than their parents. If left unattended, school can become a factor in pulling our families apart. Homeschooling can also be over-scheduled and chaotic but sans the commuting time, homework, and waiting for peers, makes it much more efficient. The left over time can be utilized in extracurricular activities.

Individual oriented

No two children think similarly. With humongous class size, schools struggle with paying attention to individuals. Kids don’t learn at the same rate. A homeschool kid can take rest whenever he wants, can eat lunch whenever they’re hungry, and take some time to clear their heads. Homeschooled kids may also find some subjects hard to understand but if the same kid is put in school he might end up in remedial. Kids are smart in some and lag in some subjects, but with an attentive teacher everything ends well. Because every kid is so different, while one may find homeschooling better other would love the classroom.

Vast cultural experiences

In homeschool, students can take part in so many activities like a band, science class at any college, theater, and sports. Daily, these students meet and interact with a diverse range of adults and kids. Because of this, they are actually socialized on a broader scale than normal school children. Homeschooled kids are more confident in engaging in a conversation with adults. Other kids may catch up and just stay fine but homeschooled kids have a head-start.

Success in academic terms

In schools, teachers have this pressure to produce top quality results and high test scores. On the other hand, homeschooling has no such constriction. Though, even homeschoolers need to pass the standardized tests but it doesn’t seem much of a problem. The reason is the approach to study. Homeschooling can naturally brew the love for learning in students. Even they go to top notch Ivy League schools and become successful in life.

Just like any other school, homeschooling comes with its own merits and demerits. It can become intimidating –the buck stops with you, parents, and some days you will wonder if you’re doing well enough.The compatibility for homeschooling varies from person to person. So, it is a personal choice.

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