At DFS we make media projects that sync up with and enhance the classroom curriculum. Through these projects, students create media that explores essential questions about their lives and their communities, empowering them to use media to shape their worlds. In DFS classrooms, media-making is not the end goal but one of the vehicles through which we develop essential skills.

How do Schools Measure Success?


At Tri County Educational Center, an alternative school, students from the graphic design class worked with DFS to develop a mosaic data mural around the question “How do schools measure success?”

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How to be a Boggs School student?


A data mural around the question, “How to be a Boggs School Student?” inspired by the classroom’s “how-to” writing unit. The mural would also serve as a kind of “how-to” text to pass on to future Boggs school community members.

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Cold War Boys


9th grade students at Hamtramck High School, worked in small groups to create stop motion videos that explore 5 different aspects of the Cold War

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