Save the Date Rida Institute Summer Workshop Aug 1-3 2016

Just a quick heads up that this year’s Rida Institute Summer workshop is coming up Aug 1-3rd.
New for this year the Rida Institute will be a year long! Kicking off in the summer with touch points throughout the year — here is some of what we’re planning so far
Rida Institute Summer Workshop 2016 (Aug 2016)
This is the traditional three day institute will introduce teachers to the Rida Framework. This year we’ll have talks by visiting Educators (to be named soon!) and we’ll be focusing on developing unit plans for the school year.

Tune-up Meetings (NEW)
At two points in the year, teachers will have the opportunity to come together after the summer workshop to “tune up” their classroom plans and practices. The Tune-ups will focus on troubleshooting challenges and sharing successes.

Classroom Visits (NEW)
Every classroom will be observed and evaluated at least once throughout the year, using the DFS 11 Essential Skills rubric. DFS will also conduct interviews with students to assess their perceptions of the classroom. Teachers will reflect on the evaluations during Tune-up Meetings to understand what’s working and not working in their classrooms, and adjust their practices accordingly.

There will be more info soon and I’ll be sure to pass it along to you –