The choice between Home-School and Private School

By | July 5, 2018

The local school presents many advantages to the local residents. The proximity to school makes it convenient to drop off your kids. Maybe the school is just at a walking distance. But the convenience offered by this school cannot trump even one thing. What if the school under-performs?

Now, the big question that pops up in your brain is “What do I do?”

This leaves you with two choices: Either opt for home-school or enroll your kid in private school.

Here are a few things you can consider before making any decision.


Attention to your child

Private schools are great, but almost each of them lacks one thing that you will get only in homeschooling: the personal touch.

It is obvious because the focus of the teacher is only on one student and teachers spend their entire energy on that one student. This means that the students can learn at their own paces. Home schooling an individual student enables them to open and confident. In private schools, the students hesitate to ask doubts if they fail to understand curriculum.

Cost of attending

The cost of attending private schools is high. These schools get zero federal funding. The only source of income is the tuition fee from students. Don’t think that homeschooling is not a walk in the park either. There are so many costs involved. The most prominent costs include of field trips, computer hardware & software, books and other instructional material.

There is a difference between the two modes of education. In homeschooling, one of either parent has to quit their job and look after the homeschooling. You can think of the salary you will lose on as accost too. Moreover, it has effects on your career. There is no point in leaving your job if you were at the rise of your career. And once the kids complete their education, it is almost impossible to pick-up from where you left off.

Social factors

Homeschooled students find it hard to interact with their peers, because they have least peer interaction. This can cause problems because socialization is equally important to success just as the core subjects. That makes private school student an advantage here.

But these students also have more time and flexibility. They can therefore indulge in a lot of activities that the schedule can allow.


Home schooling allows the students the opportunity to restructure their plans around every activity. This is exact opposite of private schooling. Students who pursue a career in sports or arts for example, opt for homeschooling. A student who shows early signs of a definitive career should prefer home-schooling. This gives the students a head-start opportunity. The same peers studying in private schools will not be able to catch up with their homeschooled peers.

However, there are some private schools that are slightly more flexible than others when it comes to career oriented students. You should weigh each and every pro and con carefully. An independent school would be best to match the style of a home schooled student.

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