Activity: Tell A Story


Activity: Tell A Vision Story A vision story should describe, in detail, what it looks like when you put your purpose into practice. In this activity you can write or record a story about what your classroom looks like at the end of the school year. You should be examining your purpose and projecting how

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Rida Framework – Vision

The vision for your classroom should grow out of a deep understanding of your present context and your purpose within that context. A vision is an ideal scenario of what happens when you achieve your purpose in the classroom. When you project your purpose into the future, you might see something unexpected. A liberated classroom

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Activity: Define Your Principles


Activity: Define Your Principles If your purpose is a roof, then your principles are the walls of the house – you see them more often, you touch them, you use them for support. Principles are guiding truths, like mantras, that you repeat to yourself and to your students again and again. If your principles have

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Activity: Writing Workshop

Activity: Writing Workshop Your purpose is the cornerstone of your work in the classroom. It is vital that the purpose statement clearly lays out why you are an educator. First working alone and then in a group, you will challenge and push each other’s ideas to develop the most rigorous purpose statements possible. After a

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Rida Framework – Purpose

The next step in the Rida Framework is developing your purpose of education and the accompanying principles. Your purpose is a broad foundation for your work in the classroom – it is your anchor, your reason for being in the classroom. Your principles help ground your purpose in the day-to- day activities of the classroom.

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Activity: Find Themes


Activity: Find Themes Now that you have mapped your context, you can explore common themes that may have emerged during your brainstorm. In this activity you will draw connections across ideas that reveal larger themes about your classroom’s context. For example, you might find that your school has an abundance of community partners or that

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